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Coming from a mainly technical background, I have always been driven and inspired by new and emerging technologies; technologies that increasingly allow us to create fantastic and wonderful things. Over the years however, I have increasingly asked myself the question: have we lost sight of what is really important?

So many websites and systems are driven by what technology can do rather than what we want and *need* them to do. Things have become increasingly template based and unnecessarily restrictive. "You want your system or website to do 'that'? Sorry, that can't be done, the template does it like 'this'"

We do things differently.

Every business, regardless of size, has its own ambitions and needs. Surely we should create something that embraces and nurtures rather than adapting to be the same as everyone else?

It's on this basis that I formed Stillwater Rock over a decade ago. Supported by an ever-evolving, talented and dynamic team, we bring experience, energy and passion to everything we touch.
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Rocky Howard

Founder & Owner:
Rocky Howard


We don't cram you into a template. No matter what size website you need, big or small, we've got the team and tools to deliver a bespoke result that is perfect just for you. We create websites that attract, amaze and engage - give us a shout and we'll show you how we can help you.

Web Design

Every website we design is tailored for you. Cutting edge visuals and engaging, natural usability mean that your website will be everything you wanted, and more.


The development process doesn't need to be mysterious. Using the latest coding standards and keeping you informed every step of the way, you'll be amazed how smooth it all is.


There's no point having a great website if nobody sees it. Search Engine Optimisation is key and all of our websites are fully SEO optimised to the latest standards so you will be out there for all to see.


Struggling to get the right look and feel? We can help. From logo design to full brand books, we can bring your ideas to life.

Social Media

The growth of social media continues to be a worldwide phenomenon - there are few better ways to get your viewers engaged. We offer expert advice on all of the very best Social Media platforms and integrate social aspects in everything we do.

Back-end C.M.S

Tired of clunky or confusing back-end Content Management systems? (*cough*..Wordpress). We create simple and powerful C.M.S's that will keep you in complete control.


Confused by domains and servers etc..? We can handle all of that for you. We can get the right domain names for you and offer many levels of hosting, just right for you.


We don't disappear when the project ends. We offer lifetime base support as standard or your choice of various levels of premium hands on help. We're here when you need us.


YEARS of Experience


People Reached


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Energy Drinks


We specialise in creating systems that help you work in the way you want to. From small back office systems to massive CRM packages, we pride ourselves with not only building fantastic, modern solutions but making them just right; just for you...

By their nature, systems can be complex beasts and requirements can be vast in scope. We'd love to chat with you about it all, so please, get in touch.

Robust Database

  • Fundamentally trained
  • Over 22 years experience
  • MySQL and MSSQL
  • Fully scalable
  • Fast, reliable concurrent access
  • Backups included
  • Modular and easy to expand

Cutting Edge Interface

  • Built for *you*
  • Using the latest technologies
  • Html5/Css4 coding
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Across all devices
  • Mobile optimised
  • Always available
  • Training where required

Reporting and Updates

  • Fully accountable
  • Scalable user structure
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Always updated to newest technology
  • Full software support
  • Report building tools available
  • Import and export into older systems



Looking good just isn't enough anymore. Technology is everywhere and the margin for annoying people is smaller than ever. User Experience (often known as UX) is arguably the most important aspect of everything we do, which is handy, as it is one of our foremost specialities.

You can have the best looking website in the world, but if it is unpleasant to use, the effort is wasted.

The User Experience defines how successful your content will be. We often see beautiful websites created by design agencies and yet fail even the most basic levels of usability. This will be a considerable barrier to success. Everything we create has the potential audience first and foremost in every choice we make.

Everything should be responsive across all devices. Everyone wants to access your content on *everything*

Mobile Phone and Tablets are now a massive proportion of your audience so it is vital that your content is responsive and elegant across everything. Whether it be websites, systems or apps, it has to work. Everything we create is responsive where it needs to be.

Tailoring your content is just as important as being responsive. People expect different things on different devices, make sure you match those expectations.

We treat different devices carefully. All too often you see websites and systems that use the default ways of automatically adapting to each device and that simply isn't good enough anymore.

If you have content that is important, make sure people can find it.

We live in a competitive world, especially with regards to technology. Patience levels are getting lower all the time and if your audience become frustrated they will simply leave and go somewhere else. We always help you prioritise your content and make sure it's right there where people need and expect it to be.

Consistency in design is key. By all means have some unconventional elements, but people rarely like surprises when it comes to trying to find what they want.

We love doing things different and experimenting with design. What we don't love is making it awkward or annoying to navigate through our content - so we don't. Things can get a bit crazy, but they'll be consistent.

Don't create mobile phone apps for the sake of it.

There are so many reasons why mobile phone apps are important. What isn't as obvious is that there are plenty of reasons where they are not only unecessary, but actually make things worse. Sometimes focusing on an elegant universal online solution is best.

You don't have to adapt your wants and needs to what the templates tell you. If you can, insist on something that is designed for you.

Off-the-shelf solutions definitely have their place in this world, but you don't have to compromise unless you really have to. Everything we create is designed around what you want and need it to do. We spend a lot of effort matching your needs and ambitions with our experience to make sure you are delighted with the result every time.

Familiarity is a good thing - being the same as everyone else is *not*.

It's a challenge to balance familiarity and individuality and come out with a great experience. While familiar user interfaces are comforting, we have always found that your audience react more positively if you do something cool and different. We always look for cool and different.

Never settle for old and established.

We always strive to find new and exciting ways to use technology. Naturally, technology isn't enough on its own; but combined with intelligent and considered thought, we create exciting and engaging content everywhere we can. Putting a smile on the user's face is very important to us.

Be wary of traditional design agencies over-reaching. If you often get told "that's just the way it is" then run.

There is no "that's just the way it is". Technology is able to accommodate even the most ambitious idea. When it comes to user facing design choices, you mustn't compromise unless you really need to.

Don't get greedy when asking the audience questions - be clever.

We'd all love for our audience to tell us everything about them. What made you visit us? What are you looking for? What can we do to make you spend some money? All you will succeed in doing is showing them the door. You need to reward people for opening up with solid reasons why they would want to. Be clever, find incentives, ask sensitively, create enticing context. Just don't lose them.

Don't be afraid to hold the visitor's hand every now and then.

People don't like getting lost or confused. If you have a lot of detail to show them, they honestly wont mind if you help them through it. Even small design choices can make a massive difference.


Where's the fun if it isn't Interactive?
Professional video production, Amazing cutting edge Virtual Reality experiences, Interactive and engaging applications and games. We love all of it and everyone else does too. The more interactive the better. Contact us today to find out just what we can do for you.


Here are just a few things we'd like to show you...

About Us

Here at Stillwater Rock, we've put together a collective of talent across an enviable range of specialities that will exceed your expectations every time.

Rocky Howard

Rocky Howard


Stuart Warrington

Stuart Warrington

Superla: Video/Virtual Reality/Media

Phil Graham

Phil Graham

Senior Designer



Brainvox: Coding/Hardcore Techy

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Smart Circle: Retail, customer experience, customer journey, friction reduction

Claire Price

Claire Price

Account Support

Freddie Howard

Freddie Howard



This could be you

We're currently looking for talented and ambitious coders..

Get to know us!

Here at Stillwater Rock, we are keen to engage and support as much as we can. We are *always* available to help and our language is simple and clear to understand, no matter how technical the subject is. Furthermore, we are realistic and entirely transparent with regards to capabilities, timescales and costs. Our experience allows us to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, even when things get tough. In fact we actually enjoy "the crunch" end of projects in a weird sort of way.

Where are you?

It's fair to say that we've made a break for the seaside. Up until a few years ago we were based in North London and Hertfordshire, but now we are based in sunny Broadstairs in Kent.

That's not to say that we spend all of our time on the beach with a cocktail - we are only an hour away from London and can be frequently found in Leeds, Milton Keynes and even the United States. We're always willing and happy to travel, or if you prefer come and see us in Broadstairs. First Pina Colada is on me.

How does the collective work?

To be able to offer the range of skillsets and talents that we do, we need to be a little more progressive in our thinking. This is why we created the collective structure that we have.

We're flexible, adaptable and because of the relationships we have within our team, we can throw extra resource at a time critical project just as easily as scale back if we need to get our costs even lower. So, no matter how niche or demanding your project is, we're confident we can do you proud.

More About Us!

If you want to know more, or just fancy a chat then we are always available; be it on the end of the phone, via email or through one of our social media channels. We'd love to hear from you.

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